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The special cleaning effect in a short time!

At our laundromats the cleaning process begins before your laundry gets in contact with water in the washing machine. Through water softening by ion exchange before the washing programme we reduce the water hardness until 0,1 mmol/l. This corresponds to about one degree deutscher Härte. By comparison: Tap water has a hardness depending on the location between 15 to 22 degrees deutscher Härte.

Soft water is able to penetrate your clothes very deep. That's why the cleaning power of the soft water is considerably improved. With this system we prevent your laundry of the "dry rigidity" and graying by lime almost completely.

We heat the softened water to the desired washing temperature before the water is flushed into our washing machines. By comparison: Nomal household washing machines are heating the necessary water not till then when the water is in the washing machine and the washing programme is started.

Thus we are able to reduce the washing time. By the way adds this system to care your clothes.

Apart from this our detergent and fabric softener are adapted to our equipment by the manufacturer for an optimal cleaning effect. For further information, please read the article "detergent".
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