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The guarantor for best washing results!

At our laundromats the slogan is not "one for everything"! We only use high quality brand detergent  from renowned manufacturers. You have the choice between two detergents which treat your laundry with care and keep the colors bright.

For delicates to 60 °C we recommend our premium fine detergent which cleans your laundry intensively at low temperatures.

For colored wash and hot wash at 60 °C and 90 °C we recommend our high-quality brand detergent which is specially designed for cleaning at high temperatures.

The offered detergents are free of phosphate, fast dissolving and environmentally safe. Thus they contribute to an excellent washing result.


Our high-quality fabric softener completes the washing phase. It gives your laundry a pleasent scent and prevents the textile fibers in your clothes of electrostatic charging during the washing process. This shortens drying time and improves the handling, e.g. while ironing considerably.


Please note, we offer only detergent and fabric softener which are specially designed for our equipment. This makes it possible to achieve optimum results and also reduce the need for much detergent. This protects the environment and your wallet. For further information, please read the article "soft and hot water".

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